Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011 in review

Like every other blogger out there, it is time for my year in review.

I know I am terrible about posting, and I'm not going to make any silly promises to be better at it.  I am currently coaching cheerleading, then I'll go right into coaching volleyball then coaching track!  I barely have time to work out!

I do enjoy posting about training and what I've read.  But I also don't want to sound conceited, selfish and cocky.  I don't even know if people like reading this!  Hopefully, you do. It is more of place for me to just spill my thoughts about running and maybe some current events.

Anyways, 2011 is the year that I was definitely the most fit.  I joined a gym for the first time in my life.  In college, I'd work out, but that was free.  Now, I'm using my hard earned cash to make myself healthy!

I ran 2 half marathons and 3 5Ks.  I was also the race director for the 5K fundraiser at my school.  Definitely a busy year for me!

My goals for 2012 are as follows:
1. Run 2 half marathons in the same month (3 or 4 total for the year!)
2. Run/Bike/Swim an indoor triathlon (or 2)
3. Do a race/tri every month.
4. Eat more protein and up my weight lifting in PUMP

My first goal isn't too hard.  I plan on running the Lake Geneva Half Marathon on May 12 then the Madison Half Marathon on May 26.  I may also run the Chicago Half Marathon on June 9th.  I plan on running Columbus Half Marathon in late October.

My gym does an indoor try in March, but there is also one in February that I may do in Pleasant Prairie.  I would love to do an outdoor one, but I don't have a bike.  Maybe my running partner will team up with me and she can bike and I can swim and we can both run.  That would be a lot of fun!

There is a race in January (ack! next week!) that started with the Playboy Bunnies.  How fun is that?! We get a shot at the finish!  It is a 5 miler.

In February, there are two options: indoor try and a 5K race.  Running in Wisconsin outside in the winter is VERY tricky, so I'm sure I'll just aim for the indoor tri.

March brings the indoor March Madness try from my gym.

I would LOVE a 10K in April, I just can't find any!  I'll keep my eyes open!

May is marathon month.  I plan on running 2!

June will be easy to find a 5K.  Maybe I'll run that race in Gahanna, OH again.

July brings on the Whiskey Rebellion in Canonsburg, PA.

August will be another 5K.

September may be another half marathon or a 10K.

October will definitely be a marathon month.

November will be a turkey trot of some sort.

December will be a jingle bell run...hopefully!

Another goal of mine is increase my speed.  I'm in contact with a person who trains people for halves.  I'm hoping he can help me be faster.  I am really bad about pushing myself.  I tried HIIT training yesterday and am definitely feeling it.  It was really hard, but I know I'll see results from it.

It's going to be hard to balance my teaching life, my personal life, my coaching life and my workout life.  This year, I plan on being more selfish and doing what is right for ME.  I will go to the gym when I want, even if that means 5AM wake up calls every day.  I'll do my lesson plans on a weekend just to get to the class I want to take.  I'll turn down a class to go out for a drink with a friend and just do more work the next day at the gym.  I'll sleep in if I want, I'll drive to Ohio to race with a friend.  Whatever makes me happy, because I am always doing that for others.  It's my turn. :)

Happy New Year!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

WE are Penn State

Here is my opinion on the matter:

WE are Penn State.  WE-the students, the alumni, the fans.  WE make up what Penn State is, what it will be and  what it has been.  WE do not support or represent what has happened in this scandal.

Ever since I was born, I was raised blue and white.  What was I going to be when I was grown up? people would ask me.  My answer: a penn state cheer leader.  A friend of my sisters said "If you ever cut a Morton, he'll bleed Nittany blue."  Yes, I am the only family member to have not attended, but you never found a bigger Penn State fan in Ohio.

Tradition: a word that comes to mind.  Tailgating traditions, Blue Band traditions, family traditions, graduation traditions, pictures with the nittany lion statue, bar crawls, parties, 4-peat volleyball champions, family weekends at Berhend (and other branches)and yes-football traditions.  But those traditions come from family and friends.  Not from coaches.  Not from the president of the college.  Not from high ranking college officials.  My Penn State traditions? Watching football games with my family.  Buying everything and ANYTHING blue and white.  Wearing Penn State nike shirts in the Columbus marathon.  Listening to the Blue Band CDs.  Wearing my blue and white to school on Friday.  Will I hide my clothes?  Will I stop wearing them?  No.  I have many friends who go there/went there.  One of the greatest teachers i have ever known teaches there.

So, who is Penn State?  Look at the thousands of alumni, the thousands of current students and the thousands of Penn State families.  THEY are Penn State. WE are Penn State.

So, you have your opinion.  I have mine.  I do not support what happened and I am just as shocked as any one from the Penn State community.  But I will ALWAYS love Penn State.  It is my way of life.

Oh, by the way: I took a spin class today.  It was beyond easy...but I have double rehearsal this week so I couldn't make it to my weekly sesh with Wendy.  :(

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Triple Tangent Tuesday

I'm jumping on the band wagon here:  3 tangents about Tuesday.

1. My students didn't bring me any candy! :( Maybe they are just saving up for my birthday on Thursday!  I had more than enough candy to give them, though!

2. I am addicted to Pinterest!  I spent hours looking up new recipes and decorating tips this past weekend.  I know ,that makes me a loser, since it was Halloween weekend and I was on the internet.  No fear, though, D and I had guests over to watch scary movies on Saturday and they ate my new buffalo chicken dip.

3. Ok, I'm cheating, but this is from yesterday.  A SALAMADER crawled across the floor of Body Pump at 5:15AM.  So gross!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011


I know it is hard to believe someone who works out as much as I do has image problems.  But, I do.  Ask my boyfriend.  How many times have I stood in front of a mirror sucking in my stomach and trying to make myself beleive him when he says "you are not fat, Molly" for the 1043698590457 time.

See, being 5'1", I have no torso.  Well, I have a torso, but I can't wear shirts tucked into skirts because I feel like I have 0 shape, thus causing the skirt to make me look wider than a Mac truck. (Total music reference...anyone else remember a certain conductor demanding silence so big, a Mac truck could be driven through it?)

Today, I took a new class with Emily called Sport Conditioning.  It was a lot of fun and really different from other cardio classes.  It was a mix of Zumba moves, drills, running, push ups, crunches, you name it, we did it! We were in the large group studio, so I was positioned in front of a mirror.  Maybe it was my all black ensemble, but for the first time, probably EVER, I looked in the mirror and saw a strong but still short girl.  I was really happy with how I looked and I noticed my arms FINALLY getting toned.

I know some of you out there are rolling your eyes at this, thinking I am crazy.  But, think about it, pressures to be skinny are EVERY where, and even though I work out ALL THE TIME, I still don't look like a Victorias Secret model!

I started a new "diet".  It includes drinking 6 oz or chocolate milk after every workout over 1 hour long.  Chocolate milk helps you lose weight.  Shocking, right?  I read about it in Runners World.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Columbus Recap

It was finally here! The race I have been training forever for.  Here is a recap:

Friday night-leave Wisky and drive to Dayton, Oh for a quick stay.
Saturday morning-leave Dayton, pick up LINDSEY for the Expo
Saturday afternoon-meet up with D's parents, then go see Dr. Underwood, but end up seeing Sherri instead.
Saturday evening-pasta dinner at Giammarcos-delish. with some old college pals. :)
Sunday morning-wake up at 5:40 and load the car.  Leave Hilliard, Oh at 6:10. Anticipated arrive at start line: 6:30.

Here's what REALLY happened. We get on 270 and drive and see a crazy long line of cars waiting to get off an Neil Ave.  We join the queue at 6:25.  6:45, we have moved 4 car lengths.  7:00, runner start abandoning cars on the high way and running on the high way to get to downtown Cbus. 7:10-I jump out and join them on a quick 2 mile run to the start.

7:25-arrive at start only to JUMP A FENCE, thank you to the random man who helped me over, and join the wrong corral. Oh well.

7:30-we are off! woooo!  My first half mile is 5.5 minutes because there are literally 1000's of people blocking me.

Somwhere around mile 4 in Bexley, I almost step on a freshly killed squirrel.  What Kenyan ran that over?! JK, but really?

Mile 6 I takem y first drink and continue that for every 2 miles.

Mile 8 I see D! Yay!!

Mile 11 A woman starts having a breakdown next to me, like literally freaking out.  It was weird.

Mile 12-I SEE THE END, I pick up my pace.

Crossing the finish, I missed my name on the big board.  Oh well.

Aside from the wind and the crazy start, it was awesome.  I went to Thurman's for lunch but wasn't feeling hungry but got a deliciious rueben. Then, we hoped in the car and drove back to Wisky.  I haven ever run more than 13 miles in my life and today, I ran 15.  And now I feel TERRIBLE because I sat in a car all day. Oh well.

I LOVE Columbus Marathon and can't WAIT for next year!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Twas the night before...

Ok, ok...twas 6 days before the race.  I am getting race jitters!

So, today was the 6th grade walk-a-thon . I walked 4 miles instead of teaching-JK-I gave up my prep to walk with my favorite band kiddos and my Wisconsin family (Stacy and Emily).  It was fun, beautiful and refreshing.  Then I sat through in-service and jumped in my car to do HardCore and run for 30 minutes.

Taper week=love/hate.  i love having more time to chill but hate running so little.  I feel like a slacker!

Goal=Under 2 hours.  Can I do it?  I hope so!

Random thoughts today=yes.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

7 days to go!

Today was the Chicago marathon and one day, I hope I can run it.  I just have to get over my fear of running more than 13 miles at one time!

Next weekend, I hit the road and travel to Columbus, Ohio for the half marathon.  11,000 people are running the half and 6, 000 are running the full for a wooping 17,000 total.  I am SO excited! the weather is supposed to be PERFECT (high of 65). I have already started packing because if I don't start early, I'll never remember everything and my running clothes are the most important part!

This weekend is also the Capital vs. Otterbein game, which was always a lot of fun to be at.  I know, I went to a D3 school, but rivalries are always fun!  Since I'll be in Columbus, I may drop by Westerville to see some college friends.

Thursday, I tried bodypump and could barely sit the next day.  I love it but I won't be trying it again until my race is over on Sunday!

Is anyone else running Columbus next weekend?!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Train-twice-during my run

There are lots of trains in Wisconsin and I live right next to some tracks.  I live in a NO HORN zone, so they are supposed to be quieter.  So, today, I stepped outside at 6:55 to begin my 12 mile run and I hear a train horn in the distance.  No big deal, I run over the train tracks but since it was blowing a horn, that means it was on the other tracks, not the one I run over.

Wrong. It was 32 degrees this morning and I had on shorts and a nike dri fit jacket.  My legs were FREEZING and I had to cross the tracks just 1.5 miles after I started. But, there was a train.  Did you know trains typically have 88 cars?  It took forever and was so loud!

So, I did my 6 mile loop, replenish my liquids then headed out and hit ANOTHER train.  Really? Uggh.  But, all in all 12 miles were done and I am happy as a clam!

I have been struggling with my body lately...I am so tired and sore all the time! i am looking forward to a relaxing weekend.  Going to Bdubs today for some football and buffalitos. And beer. Woo!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Any Tri athletes?

Emily and I are running our first Triathlon on November 20th.  Here is how it works:

10 minutes in the pool-how far do you get?
10 minute break.
20 minute bike ride-how far do you get?
10 minute break.
15 minute treadmill run-how far do you get?

It's all about distance.  Now, I know I can kick butt in swimming after taking my swim class.  My goal (after comparing to other peoples scores from last year) is to get ATLEAST a 500.  I hope to do better.  I know I can swim a 200 in 4 minutes, so I should be able to get that.

Biking, I am fairly new to.  I hope to get 10 miles in on the bike.  But, if I am doing a "flat road" (tension at 12) then I think I can push to get 10 or more.

Running only 15 minutes will be challenging.  I am a slow runner, so I will have to do lots of sprints.  If I can run 8 minute miles, I'll be damn close to 2 miles on the tread mill.

Each section, I have to tell myself that it is only for a short time.  That is only 45 minutes total or working out, with breaks inbetween.  I'll need to figure out how to refuel properly.

Have you ever done an indoor tri?  What is your favorite refueling food/drink?

Monday, September 19, 2011

Everyone's favorite: food!

Tell me...what do you eat to fuel up for running?

Typically, I eat these things every day:

Breakfast 7:15: a bowl of frosted mini wheats mini bites in chocolate OR honey bunches of oats
Snack 10:30: vanilla yogurt and organic flax with granola
Lunch 12:30-2:30 (don't ask...every day it changes.): whole grain wrap with two slices of turkey breast, 4 cucumbers, baby spinach and shredded cheese + mustard (when i remember), fruit (usually purple grapes or melon balls-yes, i own a melon baller, berries, apples, peaches....something!), then these amazing pepperidge farm baked cheese crackers or 5 pretzel rods (thats just 2 broken in half and a half of another) with nutella.
Snack-spoonful of peanut butter or the rest of pretzels/crackers from lunch.
Dinner-usually chicken and veggies (baked or grilled), pasta and meat sauce, grilled cheese and soup, soup with some sort of meat, a frozen dinner (like bird's eye or bertolli), pizza (always with veggies!), pork chops (seasoned and with veggies), steaks (grilled), hot dogs!!!-my favorite summertime treat!, chili (wintertime)

I need some new dinner suggestions.  On nights when I'm crazy busy, like with symphony rehearsal, I will just do a frozen dinner.  They aren't too too bad for you because I always add extra veggies.  I love chicken and veggies, and suprisingly, my boyfriend does, too.  He is quite the carnivore, though, so meat is usually on tap for dinner when we are together.  We usually eat out once a week, too.  We NEVER get Chinese because there are no Chinese places here.  And Chipotle continues to be our favorite.

So, I say we eat pretty healthy.  Sometimes, we even do grilled chicken salad.  That's when we get REALLY fancy.

Any suggestions on how to eat healthy?  We are on a budget! Teacher's don't make million, ya know! :)

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Injuries when running?

Today, I almost FACEPLANTED during my 12 miler.  It was very painful but I didn't actually fall.  I'm not sure how my legs caught me, but I was a mile away from ending, so I was pretty tired.  My toe caught on a sidewalk that was uneven and I felt myself fall forward. My left leg somehow saved me but the focred from fall/catching myself really stressed out my legs.  Of course, I had a steep hill to run up right after, so I was DYING to get home.

Don't worry, I am fine, I watched Netflix all day then went to Target to buy some Missoni stuff only to find it was all gone.  It better come back in stock.

Have you ever fallen during running?  What was your worst running injury?

I had weak ankles during track in high school and I hurt my ITB last spring.


So I am struggling with balance.  Help me out, guys!

While running 12miles this morning, I thought about how running affects my life.  But not just my life, but everyone who is involved with me.  Example 1: my boyfriend and I were chilling on Friday night when he hands me a beer.  I tell him about my run in the morning, which means I go to bed super early so we don't get to hang out and watch the movie he wants me to watch.  (If you know me, I have terrible taste in movies.  I can quote Mean Girls and I love Legally Blond.  Date someone who has a taste for well made movies and you'll see how easy it is to chose a movie on Friday nights.)  I was thinking about how my run interupts my dating life.  I run on SATURDAYS so Saturday we can hang out, stay up late and eat whatever.  I think about how we eat dinner together and how he has to wait for ME to get home from the gym.

Then, I think about my friends.  How I can't go out for happy hour or dinner during training.  Or my poor friends who actually work out with me.  They go along with my long workouts.

I think about my job and my schedule with that.  I come in early so I can leave right away to go work out.  I say "No" to people/meetings when I have a run.  I mean, obviously if it is important, my run can wait.

Then, I think about myself and how if I have a TERRIBLE day, I skip my run and go home and drink wine while lamenting to my boyfriend.  Then, I feel guilty about skipping my work out.

Now, training now is INTENSE.  My 1/2 marathon is in less than 4 weeks.  Only two more long runs to go (one 8 and one 12 before taper!)  Then, I won't focus on RUNNING as much,  See, drinking/staying up late affects me way worse with running than say spin or swim.  I sound like a lush, but I am in my 20's, so I like to have a good time.  And I live in Wisconsin, for crying out loud, which Milwaukee is the #1 drunkest city in the US.  The only thing to do here is meet people for drinks.  And I went to a dry college. Enough said.

Alright question is: how to balance?  How to balance work, play and sweat. Work is obviously set 8-4, but teachers know we dont work 8-4. We take work home.  We come in early. We stay late. I sleep until 6:15.  I do not do mornings well.  I LOVE working out in the afternoons.  I feel so much better running off the stress of the day.

Anyways, I am not actually cheating on my boyfriend.  I feel I am cheating him out of quality time with me.  I know he doesn't mind it all the time, but I'm sure he does sometimes.  By the way, he bought me this super cute giraffe necklace the other day. :)

Oh, and sometimes I cheat on my runs.  Meaning I stop early or don't go quite as far.  It's all about listening to your body and doing what feels right...right?!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Tuesday Ten

10 things I have learned about running in Wisconsin:

1. There are no really good routes in my town.  You are either running on a trail where someone was attacked or you are running on a road where cars can drive 45-65 miles an hour.  Really, no inbetweens.

2. Training in the fall is much, much easier than the spring.  Snow in May?  Yes, it happened. 50 degrees in June? Try week 3 of June.

3. My gym is AMAZING. Indoor track-check. Treadmills-check. Wonderful trainers-check.  Massages-YES. CLASSES THAT KICK YOUR BONBON (yes, I did just reference Ricky Martin). Yes.

4. I LOVE my running buddy.  You should get one as wonderful as mine.  We have lots of fun!

5. There are no good races. Ok, there are, but they happen about twice a year or there are 100 miles away.

6. No one here knows the true distance of a marathon.  Yes, I did get asked how my "Marathon" was for my school.  It was a 5K.

7. People don't run as much here as they do in Columbus or Pittsburgh.

8. Running stores are few and far between.

9. Chocolate milk-the ultimate recovery drink-it delicious here.  Yeah for dairy!

10. I will never, EVER get used to the smell of farms.  And I will continue to gag when I run by them.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Beach time!

I went to the Outer Banks in July.  It was beautiful and by far my favorite place to be.  Running at the beach is challenging because it is vacation so I only want to sit on my butt, drink a beer and read a book.  You have to wake up early (6AM) to run because it is so hot.  I ran 3 times.  one 4 mile run on the road and 2 30 minute runs on the beach.

Have you ever run on the beach?  It is a BUN KILLER.  My thighs and butt were so sore, but it was awesome. Trying to stay stable, breathing in the salty air, hearing the waves crash and running with my sister was great.  I never see her because I live so far away.  She is an amazing runner and the reason that I run today.  She runs super fast, like sub 1:45 1/2 marathons but she slowed it down so we could run together.

I miss those runs and can't wait for next year.  What is the most challenging terrain you have run on?

Also, I got sweat in my eye balls, which is the greatest thing EVER.  I love it because it means I worked out really hard.  It happened every day at the beach and at Williamsburg.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

The struggle

I'm a second year teacher, in case you didn't know.  School just recently started here in Wisconsin.  I have been going CRAZY getting things ready for school.  I have been running, but have been on the run to other things as well.  Let us recap:

August 31st-early morning run.
September 1st-no run. Hair appointment after the 1st day of school. 1st day of symphony rehearsal at night.
September 2nd-fly home to PGH for Grace's first birthday.
September 3rd-tried to wake up to run but slept in too late. Plus it was 94 degrees.
September 4th-3 mile hill run at parents house.
September 5th-day off! Relaxing
September 6th-3 mile run and 1 hour spin plus 15 minute abs.
Septemeber 7th-band directors meeting. 5 mile run-AMAZING. Did upper body work after.
September 8th-elliptical for 20. 20 minutes of abs/core. Symphony rehearsal.
September 9th-3 mile run. 1 mile walk. 1.5 hour of spin/core/weights
September 10th-10 mile run
September 11th-Never forget.

Sundays are my shopping days.  I went to the mall with D today.  I had to return an impulse buy. We got CHIPOTLE and STARBUCKS. AWESOME! Now, I am watching 9/11 shows and crying.  Remember where you were?  I was in Spanish class. Never forget.

So, what is my struggle?  Blogging after a long day of teaching kiddos then running/workout.  I am sorry but I am doing my best.

Saturday is my favorite day of the week now.  It means NO WORK (well, most days. You know band directors, we have concerts and stuff).  and it means a long run and PENN STATE FOOTBALL!

Wednesday, August 31, 2011


I left the gym last night at 7:30 and returned today at 5AM.  Does that count as two workouts in one day or one in each?  They were less than 12 hours apart!

So, I've been absent from blogging.  I was at Put-in-Bay this past weekend with my BFF Sherri and her boyfriend.  It was a lot of fun but I ate a lot of bad for me food, but it was delicious.  So on Friday, before I drove to Ohio, I ran 8 miles.  My new thing to motivate me is drinking chocolate milk after my run.  It is recovery food, people!

Monday, I ran 4 miles on a trail with my running partner.  We saw a COYOTE.  I live in Wisconsin, not like Arizona or some crazy western state.  We were so freaked out.  I think it made us run just a tad faster home. :)

Yesterday, I did 6-pack spin but I hd a terrible day so I asked Wendy to really kick my butt in class.  I can barely walk today, but that didn't stop me from waking up at 4:40AM to go run 3 miles then do some core work after.

Why, you may ask, does someone wake up so early?  Well, I have Open House tonight, a hair appointment tomorrow and rehearsal after that.  I won't be able to run again until FRIDAY, which will also be an early morning, because I fly HOME to Pittsburgh on Friday afternoon! Woo!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Now, don't panic...

2 posts in a day! Don't worry, I am ok.  I promised I wouldn't blog about running today, but I am.  I can't help it!

Ok, so it is like a state law or something here in Wisky that school can't start until sept. 1st.  AWESOME. I've spent 16 hours already at school this week, preparing.  I took some pictures, but didn't up load them. (See: LAZY)  Anyways, I was thinking about how I'm no longer than baby in school...ok, ok, I am the youngest employee, despite being one of 5 new teachers and since we didn't hire anyone new, I'm still a newbie.  BUT I know what I am headed into a little better than last year.  So, on my 4 mile run today, I thought about those new teachers out there. My advice for them is simple: be uncomfortable.  I did not do this enough at the beginning of the year.  I had these WONDERFUL coworkers who invited me places, lunch. dinner, drinks, to the lake, to the farmers market, to Kenosha.  I went sometimes, not always, because I was afraid to make new friends.  I was afraid to meet new people in a new town.  I was comfortable coming home to my boyfriend and watching Dexter.  DON'T decline eating with the 3rd grade teachers in the break room, don't tell the 2nd grade teacher you are too busy for dinner.  Don't deny the middle school teachers a cup of coffee.  And let those experienced teachers buy you lunch, you'll be able to pay them back later in the year.

And someday?  You'll take that new teacher out to lunch and see how grateful they are to have someone to talk to.

As rough as year one is, my amazing new friends and coworkers made the ride so worthwhile. I'm looking forward to another year.  And now I belong to an amazing gym, so after school I have something else to look forward to, as well.

Workout: run 1.5 miles to gym, run 2 miles on track, do 10 minutes of abs/planks/medicine ball work, run home.  AWESOMELY sweaty.

Thoughts on a small town

This is a non-running post.  I am so tired today I will run at the gym later.  But, I wanted to discuss my thoughts on my small town with you.

It is not picturesque like Westerville was...and I do miss that town.  It is small, but has traffic lights.  It has some good places to eat (some really good places) but, it is what it is, a small town.  A town where you go to the bank and people ask if you are the new band director.  Ugh.

I'm not sure what it is that makes it so different from my hometown. The far proximity to good shopping or a JCrew?  The lack of a large city less than 20 minutes away?  Most likely, the lack of my family.  I miss being home SO MUCH, but would I like to teach there?

I love being "on my own."  Having to solve my own problems, picking up my own food, having no one to check in with (besides the boyfriend.) Getting to eat ice cream for dinner (yes kids, it does happen someday!).

I think everywhere you live will suck.  I HATED Ohio but now I miss it.  I don't miss the sales tax.  Or the Buckeyes.  But I miss the fun and familiarity.  I miss little Westerville and Polaris and Easton.  I miss the nice sidewalks everywhere and my old running loops.

I don't think I shared my GREAT news.  I am the principal clarinetist for the Lake Geneva Symphony!  I am so excited about this new adventure.  I have rehearsal in a week and it will be once a week.  Unfortunately, I won't be able to join in TRIVIA with my friends, because they are at the same time.  However, I miss playing so much, I am so excited for some clarinet love.


Sunday, August 21, 2011

Weekend Fun

School starts in a week...inservice then the kiddos arrive on Sept. 1st.  I have some super fun weekends coming up, but this weekend was really fun.  I went to Elkhart Lake with my boyfriend.  Now, I know this sounds Nascar...but it is really not.  It is all Porsche, BMW, Audi, Mazda...nice cars.  We saw a super sweet Ferrari for $350,000, which, clearly my teaching salary can afford, so be looking for me in one here soon!

Elkhart Lake is really big and there is no way to get around except to walk.  I walked FOREVER.  My 6 mile run went well on Friday, besides the sweat in the eyeballs, but I didn't really get a rest day.  So, I'm taking my rest day TODAY and am doing nothing.  I probably walked over 6 miles yesterday and at least 3 on Friday.

Tomorrow start week 3 of training, my last week of working out in the morning for this race.   Crazy how time flies! Do you like working out in the morning or night?

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Thursday Update

Ok, so I was looking at my stats for this site and found out I have many referring sites, which is cool.  However, SOMEONE googled my name followed by music teacher. Which one of my students was googling me, huh? Or ex boyfriends. I'm sure it is one of the two.

Anyways...I was on HungryrunnerGirl, my favorite blog, and she posted a questionaire, which I am doing, too. She is a teacher, too!

Name:  Molly

What Classes will you be teaching: Band, Strings, 2nd grade recorders! Woo!!

If you had one wish what would it be: World Peace (what...this ISN'T toddlers and tiaras?!) Ok, but really? For everyone I love to find true happiness.

What is your favorite treat: Chocolate!

What is your favorite way to spend a Friday evening:  Out with my friends or date night with my boyfriend

What is your favorite color:  blue

When eating Neapolitan ice cream, which flavor do you eat first: is the only flavor I would eat from that

If you could spend a day with any Harry Potter character which one would it be:  HP!

Do you have a phobia? What is it: Needles, close spaces, bridges collapsing when I run over them, heights

Sky diving or scuba diving: Neither.

You find your self with free round trip tickets to anywhere in the world, where would you go: Monaco

What animal do you identify with the best and why: A peacock, because I like to show off my latest clothing/accessories.

Surprising fact about you: I have never been in a lake until I moved to Wisconsin.

You are happiest when: I am with my family or playing my clarinet

Other hobbies and interests: Running, spinning (the class), strength training, playing in the symphony, reading, being outside, cooking, traveling

Today, Emily and I did the stairstepper for a whopping 12 minutes then we did hardCore and I thought my butt was going to fall off.  TMI? Maybe, but its true!

I'm going to Elkhart Lake for the weekend with my boyfriend and some other Dynasty employees, so I'm getting in my 6 mile run early before heading "up north". Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Tuesday Ten

Well, tonight is 6pack spin and I won't bore you with the details of it later tonight.  I probably wont have time to blog tonight because it is also the night of Tosh.o, which means D will be over here, hogging my cable. The things girls go through...

I decided it was time for another Tuesday 10.  Here are 10 things I am craving (hint hint! My birthday is 2.5 months away!)

1. The Essential Run Jacket
I need this.  This is my NUMBER ONE item for my birthday or Christmas.  This will be GREAT for running, biking, and just hanging out on a Saturday.

2.  The Utopia Soft Shell

This shell is super expensive but living in Wisconsin, I think this would be a great addition to my wardrobe.

3.Sleeveless Print Ruffle Front Dress
I love Loft.  Their clothes are so appropriate for teaching.  I love this dress.  It would be great for conducting a Fall concert, with a cardigan thrown into the mix.  It would also be good for the first day of school...hmm...

4. Perfect Pocket Tote in Lemon Parfait
I LOVE the Lemon Parfait pattern.  I also love Baroque (I have a few items in that pattern) and Very Berry Paisley.  This tote will be awesome for my lap top and my water bottles (one for teaching and one for the gym).

5. Epiphany Stretch Shorts

I have these shorts in gray and orange.  I LOVE THEM.  My first piece of Brooks apparel.  Thanks to FleetFeet, I got them at a discounted rate.  I LOVE the gray and blue combo.  Can you tell I love blue?  I think the blue shell (above) would look lovely with these on a cool fall day.

6. Too Much Fun Dress in Ocean
I recently discovered ModCloth, thanks to my friend Sherri.  I bought a shirt I LOVE and I love so many of their dresses and tops.  This one takes the cake, but it is just slightly out of my price range.  I hope that I can buy it for my little sisters graduation from Penn State.

7.  Coach Conney Flats

Coach will not let me get a picture of these flats, but I LOVE them.  Here is the link:
O0006&partNumber=Q1280_pup&t=PURPLE MULT

8. Penn State Tee

Ok, ok.  I don't want THIS tee.  I just wanted to rub it in to my Ohio friends.  I love any new Penn State clothing.  I really love the Nike track jacket, Tempo shorts, dri-fit tee's.  But, if I included all of those, I will be over my 10.

9. Daylight Hours Applique Dress

Another site shown to me by Sherri.  I love the model's sweater and dress combo.  Yellow and gray are quickly becoming my favorite combination.

10. Giraffe Necklace

Giraffes are my favorite animal and this necklace is adorable.  And cheap!

What are you craving?

Monday, August 15, 2011

An indoor run in the summer?!

Yes.  I did the unthinkable.  I ran 5 miles on the indoor track of my gym on Saturday.  I woke up to death clouds and decided to play it safe.  Also, I am terrified to run alone, so I thought it was best to be inside.  52 laps later (I decided to run 50 I got 5.2 miles in!) and one play list down on the iPod, I was done.  I was not bored or dizzy.  I was SHOCKED.  How could I get through a run only with my music, no partner and def. no major thoughts.  I think a break from the routine helped spice up my running life.  I always run without music and lately, outside, with a partner.

Knowing Wisconsin, it will snow next week, so I should stick to the outdoors.

Today, I taught a lesson to a wonderful flute player then ran 4 miles in my teaching town.  I was constantly looking over my shoulder, but I ran SO FAST.  34 minutes to get 4 miles in?! I was happy.  And it was hilly!

So, Sunday was my rest day.  D came home from his business trip for DCI finals.  I was so happy he was back!  I met him at his work to pick him up, only to find out that an ATV was left there so he and a coworker rode it around.  I am a true Wisconsinite.  I rode an ATV.  In a skirt.

What can I say? I am a total class act.

Do you like running indoors?  Or is the outdoors always calling your name?

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Back to the grind

So, last night, I went to 6-pack spin at 6:15.  It was REALLY REALLY hard to find the motivation to get up off my couch, stop watching the Kardashians and go to the gym.  I even had my gym clothes on all day. (Well, most of the day.  I went to pick up my car in my bathing suit. Such class.) Which btw, my car is ALL fixed.  Only cost me my life, but it is all better. So, I can't afford clothes now, but I'll look damn good driving.

So, I ate a spoonful of peanut butter (I forgot how delicious that is), grabbed my spin shoes and went to the gym.  I am SO GLAD I did because WENDY taught.  Wendy knows me and she always yells at me in class which makes me work even harder/faster/longer whatever.  After one hour of torture, we did 15 minutes of abs. My body was SCREAMING at me this morning, but I still got up at 8:30AM to run with my running buddy!

We ran 4 miles around town then did about 30 minutes of upper body work.  However, we struggled through the move where you have your arms to your side, your hands on the bench and you put your legs out in front of you and lower your body up and down. Now, we always struggle with this, but today, I couldn't stop laughing because SNOOKI does this SAME move in the first episode of Jersey Shore Season 4.  If she can do it, I can, too.  But, I really couldn't. It was embarrassing.

We made a pact to go to the gym tomorrow morning and try to STAIR STEPPER for the first time.  Well, it's my first time.  Emily told me it feels like you were hit in the butt with a baseball bat when you are done.  Perfect for hardCORE right after, right?

Well, I realized this post is called back to the grind.  Why? Because training at NIGHT made me SO HAPPY. It felt so routine.  I cannot wait to get back to teaching. :)

Monday, August 8, 2011

Thinking like a dog

It's been awhile since I have ventured down the sidewalks with just my thoughts.  I am unsure if I will have a running partner for the Columbus marathon, so I need to get used to training alone.  However, I HATE training alone because there are creeps EVERYWHERE.

Anyways, when I run, I run naked.  That is, without music. I run only with my thoughts.  I try, try, TRY to think about one particular thing, like planning a lesson or setting up my classroom or picking out music for my kids.  But, I am like a dog.  Everything I pass, I think about.  I always am grateful I did not trip over an uneven sidewalk.  I think about flipping off the guy in the truck who just honked and yelled out the window.  I think about the bee that JUST missed my shin.  I think about the houses I pass and the shady street I accidentally turned down.  Today, I thought about buying a fish.  I tried to think of a name for this fish, but couldn't.

I only ran for 35 minutes and later today, I will be doing HardCORE with Emily to get in my strength training. I may even stay after to lift some weights.  We will see how many times the instructor makes us do push ups, planks and the dreaded rope.

Do you think of random thoughts as you run?  Or do you just focus on breathing/technique/form?

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Wendy's BACK!!!!

This is one of the GREATEST days in workout HISTORY! Wendy, my all time FAVORITE spin instructor is BACK!!!!!!!  She has been out due to medical stuff and I am SO HAPPY she is back.  Her workout KILLED me but I loved it.  I got to chat with her a little afterwards and was sad to know she will only be teaching twice a week for awhile.  I will rearrange my life to get to those classes.

In the first 10 minutes of spin, I thought I was going to throw up...that's how hard she works us!  She played some of my FAVORITE songs, like Carryout and Sometime Around Midnight.  I got up to level 20, which I haven't done since I had her last...which had to have been before my last 1/2 marathon.

No run today, but I think I lost 4000 lbs from spin.  I am off to school to help out with registration, because I am a newbie still and get sucked into that stuff. :) My audition last night went cross your fingers that I will get the principal position in the Lake Geneva Symphony for the fall.

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Back in Wisky

I am back in Wisconsin, which means I am back to my gym! The front desk workers were concerned for me because I was gone for a whole month.  I reassured them I still worked out, but not nearly as hard as I do there!

Let's is a run down of Wednesday-Saturday:

Wednesday: went to the pool and flew home after being delayed forever! Thanks to the stormy weather in Milwaukee.

Thursday: Woke up EARLY and went to school to sign some papers then headed to 6 Flags Great America with D.  We only rode roller coasters-which I am kind of scared of-and had a really good time.  The only ride I didn't go on was the Raging Bull...that first drop was way too much for me!

Friday: I was supposed to run with my partner but I have been having trouble sleeping (due to my lack of working out).  So, I slept in and went to Total Body Spin at 5:15.  The class lasted until 6:40! It was INTENSE!  I use spin shoes, so I was a little irritated I had to keep clipping in, but we would spin hard for 6-9 minutes, then jump off the bike and do upper body work with the bands.  Then back on the bike, then we did core work with the medicine ball.  We used the big body balls (what are they called?!) and a tiny bit of ab work.  We ended up doing 30 minutes of spin, 30 minutes of upper body/core and then finished with 15 minutes of abs.  I was TIRED but t was good.

Saturday: Swam half a mile then went to Andy's wedding!  My calves are KILLING me so I may swim again today.

This week, I hope to run Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and do spin Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday.  I have a race next is a NIGHT run! Woo!

Is it hard for you to get back into your workout routine or are you pretty consistent during vacation?

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

An explanation to my hiatus

Sorry, readers! I have been on vacation for the past 10 days.  You would think after riding in a car for 12 hours, the first thing I'd want to do is go for a run.  WEll, that is wrong...I slept in yesterday and laid around all day.  Today, though, I woke up ready to take on some hills!  I ran around my neighborhood and did 3 miles.  3 torturous miles. 

There is a hill about 5 minutes into my run that is about 1/3rd of a mile long and has about a 25% incline.  I have 0 knowledge about inclines, I am just guessing and this thing is HARD TO RUN.  I made it all the way to the top...but had a little breather before continuing on to the NEXT mountain, about 1/4th of a mile long and just as steep and a bit windy.  I was thinking "Oh, last hill! Woo!"  But, I was wrong.  I forgot everytime you go down a hill, you have to come back up.  So, I went down another...and realized that at the end of my run, I have another hill to come up.  But, in the mean time, I got two glorious down hills.  I will have buns of steel soon, I think.

My goal, by next Wednesday, is to run the entire route without pausing for oxygen.  I'm not sure if this is humanely possible. 

I signed up for a 4 mile run in August.  It is in Waterford, WI.  It will be my first 4 mile race, to kick of my Columbus training!  I'll be hitting the trail again with my running buddy, E.  Or, atleast I hope so.  She may have some fair to run or something :).

Friday, July 15, 2011

Music is life

You know I'm a band director, right?  So, I know music.  Yeah, I may know more about Schoenberg and Berlioz than you may ever WANT to know, but I know music.  I usually run naked from music (just without music...believe me, fully clothed!) but occasionally I run with music, such as when I have to run indoors on the track.  (10 laps for a mile gets VERY tedious...)  Here are my top picks RIGHT now when running (AKA what is on my playlist):

PLEASE NOTE: I did not listen to these versions when linking because I own them all through iTunes or from CDs, back in the day.  They may be EXPLICIT, because I do love rap or they may be POOR quality.  But, you can always run on over to iTunes and purchase them yourself. :)

Imma Be Black Eyed Peas
Animal Neon Trees
Sometime Around Midnight Airborne Toxic Event
Foxy Jane Tony Lucca
Empire State of Mind Jay-Z, Alicia Keys
Gonna Get Over You Sara Bareilles
Tonight Tonight Hot Chelle Rae (Guilty Pleasure...I teach middle school!)
Love Like Woe The Ready Set
Carolina in my Mind James Taylor
Who Says John Mayer (I am a John Mayer FREAK. I love him; he is a musical genious...and I know music!)
It's Gonna Be Me NSYNC (Gotta revert back to my middle school days!)
Good Life One Republic
Pretty Girl Rock Keri Hilson
Never Gonna Leave This Bed Maroon 5
Road Outside Columbus OAR (Reminds me of my college days...going to school in Columbus)
Black and Yellow Wiz Khalifa

I'd like to thank YouTube for supplying my links. 

This isn't the order I listen to them, because some songs are very slow, so I would use those in the middle of my run, when I was comfortable and in my groove.  If I never get into my groove (it's all happened to you, hasn't it?!), then I keep my "bumpin" tunes on.  I own a 4th generation iPod shuffle in bright blue.  I am not advocating running with music, in fact, I am very against it. It is beyond dangerous.  I love to just run with my thoughts.  I have planned my best lessons while running!

Tell me, what tunes are you currently running with?  Who is your LOVE when it comes to music?

Tony Lucca, John Mayer, Maroon 5, The Script are all my favs, but I am a huge popular music fan.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

5K Fundraiser for My School!

I never told you about my race, the one I planned!  I can't take all the credit, my partner in crime, Mrs. 4K teacher (she teaches 4 year olds kindergarten! Too cute!) helped A LOT.  She and I trained for the half marathon together while planning a fundraiser for our school.  It was called "Striding Into Summer".

You think running a race requires a lot of time?  Try PLANNING one.  It was fun, but a lot of work! Shout out to my fellow co-worker/new teacher/across the hall partner, Mr. Art Teacher for designing the logo.

We had 5 prizes that people could enter to win.  We had about 100 people participate, which is AWESOME for the tiny town we teach in and for a first race!  To read about/view it, click here!

Monday, July 11, 2011

New clothes would end wars

I believe if every person had new clothes to wear every day then there would be no more anger/hatred/war.  Think about it.  How HAPPY do you feel when you put on new clothes?  I love it.  It is an amazing feeling!  Something fresh and new from the closet.  If you ask my boyfriend, he would tell you I have too many clothes in my cloest, but hey, I'm not making HIM pay.

So a few days ago I was getting my eyebrows done...yes, I'll admit it to you guys.  On my way out of the salon, I walked into the main area of the store.  I passed a display of workout clothes.  I LOVE Nike stuff, but it IS pricey. So, I thought I'd take a look.  I found shorts that look EXACTLY like tempo shorts, but there weren't.  I used C9 from Target a lot, so I thought I'd try these out.  I know they won't be AS comfortable as the tempo short but they were only $9.60. That's right.  $9.60!!! I am tempted to go back and buy 100 more pairs! Did I mention PA doesn't have sales tax?! AMAZING.  I'm going to run in them when I'm at the beach, so I'll have a full report when I come home!

Do you ever wear anything that is not "brand name" when you run?  I am a clothes horse and shop at LOFT, Banana Republic, J. Crew, Gap, Express, The Limited, American Eagle...I could go on for days.  I love Target, too.  I am a clothes snob.  I am a brand snob, even when running, but these new shorts are AMAZING.  What brands do you run in?  What brands do you play in?

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Portrait of a Winner! errr...Runner!

The closest I EVER have come to winning a race was in 8th grade.  I was at a Cross Country Invitational at Sliperry Rock University.  I came in 22nd out of 400 runners.  I consistantly was a point winner for my team (if you place top 7, you get a certain amount of points...the smallest number wins, like golf).  I usually finished between 4th-7th.  Then, I became a band nerd and didn't run until college.  Here are some pictures from the Whiskey Rebellion 2011.  I placed 9th in my age division-embarrassing!  But, I PRed

This is my game face.

Action shot!

My oldest sister (who placed 3rd in her age division!), my niece AKA her baby and me after the race.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Lazy Day

Yesterday and today, I didn't run. I am really slacking, since I am on vacay. Maybe I'll run tonight, I REALLY want to get a hill run in and being in Pennsylvania makes that very easy!  Last night, Amy (older sister, but not OLDEST sister ) and I went to dinner with our grandparents then out for a drink or two (or in my case three) with her friend.  Thus, the reason I did not wake up to run.  How many of you change your night life habits when running?  I only change mine when I am training and right now, I am not. 

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

LSD in the Morning

Now, don't get all excited here.  LSD=Long Slow Distance.  And by long distance, I mean the longest distance I've run since my half in May=4 miles.  I have been lame this summer and focused on my swimming technique and spinning rather than logging in long distances.  I also changed shoe brands.  I now run in Saucony Omni 9's instead of Asic 2140's which they no longer make.  I had to break those in and the end of the year madness for a first year teacher is insane.  But, I ran 4 miles in 38:59...I will steal that second to make it under 39.  I did it by MYSELF (E-be proud!) without stopping.  It was nice to just run.

I ran on a trail, which I normally don't do.  I don't feel safe on trails, but my mom was walking with a neighbor friend, so I knew I was within 3 miles of them...which, in the long run, wouldn't save me.  It's the thought that counts.

Peter's Trail

Monday, July 4, 2011

Coming at you from the East side

Pardon my hiatus, but I have been traveling and adjusting to a new time zone.  Not really, an hour doesn't throw you too bad, but it is what it is.  I am back in Pittsburgh for 27 days, giving Wisky a brief second to breath without me.  I am enjoying the lack of sales tax on clothing, not buying gas or food and hanging with the fam. 

Today I ran a race: The Whiskey Rebellion.  Not to be confused with Wisky the state.  I ran a PR AGAIN! I keep beating my times! Not to get too cocky, but every time I run, I get a PR.  It's pretty impressive, if I do say so myself!  I ran a 26:46 (or so my watch says, we will see when the results are posted).  From experienced runners I quote "This is the hardest course in Western PA."  It is obnoxiously hilly.  I hail from the flatlands, AKA tornado alley, so all my training the past year has been flat.  Even my "hilly" runs couldn't keep up with the first two hills in this race.

Get ready for my fall training plans.  I'll post them soon!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Tuesday Ten

Today, I have been up for 5 hours already and it feels like 2 pm, not 10 am. I swam a mile in my Advanced Swim Class and just ran 3 miles with my running buddy.  I am exhausted from spin yesterday and hardCORE, which is a 40 minute torture class of ab workouts.

10 images that remind me of the Canonsburg life:

1. Sonic Ocean Water.

A Sonic opened about 20 yards from the entrance to my parent's neighborhood.  Ocean Water is the worst choice on the menu.  Don't get it.

2.  A pool.
My parents neighborhood has a pool and I would go everyday I was not working as a lifeguard at another pool.  I miss pools and am NOT fond of the lakes here.

3. Tink.
This isn't really Tink, but I think it looks close enough.  We don't have a cat.  In fact, this is out neighbors cat. She lost her tail, so this picture isn't very accurate.

4. Yuengling.
Best. Beer. Ever. Enough said.

5. Pennsylvania Plates.
My car doesn't look quite as good without these plates.  Also, first state to put a website on their plates.  How many times have you visited the website?  Probably as many as me: 0.

6.Canonsburg 4th of July Parade.

I guarantee you have never seen anything like this.  My tiny hometown has the 2nd largest 4th of July parade, beating out Pittsburgh and Harrisburg.  Philadelphia has the biggest.  I marched this sucker every year in high school (2002-2005) and it was hotter than Hades, I can promise you that.  People line their chairs up weeks before.  In fact, I know there are already chairs out today.

7. Bobby Shawn.
That's him, in the tux.  A true Canonsburg legend.

8. Tattoos While You Wait.
A classy establishment.  You can see this as you drive down Pike Street.

9.  The Duck Pond.
I tried to find an image that does the real pond justice.  Imagine 400 more mallards in the same size pond.  That about does the trick.

10. My Family.
I had to get all cheesy on you.

Most blogs have really artsy and fancy pictures.  But Canonsburg isn't classy like that.  This is the good life.