Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Wendy's BACK!!!!

This is one of the GREATEST days in workout HISTORY! Wendy, my all time FAVORITE spin instructor is BACK!!!!!!!  She has been out due to medical stuff and I am SO HAPPY she is back.  Her workout KILLED me but I loved it.  I got to chat with her a little afterwards and was sad to know she will only be teaching twice a week for awhile.  I will rearrange my life to get to those classes.

In the first 10 minutes of spin, I thought I was going to throw up...that's how hard she works us!  She played some of my FAVORITE songs, like Carryout and Sometime Around Midnight.  I got up to level 20, which I haven't done since I had her last...which had to have been before my last 1/2 marathon.

No run today, but I think I lost 4000 lbs from spin.  I am off to school to help out with registration, because I am a newbie still and get sucked into that stuff. :) My audition last night went cross your fingers that I will get the principal position in the Lake Geneva Symphony for the fall.

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