Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Ash Wenesday and where I've been

I cannot even begin to describe what I have been doing lately.  It definitely does not include working out.  I was the cheer coach for my school and it totally dominated my life! We practiced everyday until 5PM.  By the time I left school it would be close to 6 and I was exhausted!  I barely made it for any workouts.  Plus, it is dark and cold. Wisconsin sucks for running.

Then, game nights would set me back until 7:30. So, I definitely wasn't working out.  And when I did, I couldn't sleep because I was so wired from working out.

I also was the co-founder of the Wilmot Band Festival so that happened two weeks ago and now my life is slightly less stressful.

Now, I am the volleyball coach BUT we practice from 5-6:30 so I CAN RUN AFTER SCHOOL! WOOOO!!!

Today, I am conquering 4 miles, but I am also fasting today so I have to be careful.  I also have to go to church after volleyball, so I won't get home until 8:30. That is a long long time to fast.

Anyways, I am giving up chocolate, dessert, ANYTIME that I have become addicted to with all my stress.  I took some measurements this morning and am hoping to lose an inch or so in certain areas (ahem-abs, hips, wasit). 

So, I'm back to blogging because I want to track what I ate for the day.  Today includes:

 a handful of almonds (plain)
an apple
baked potato with a pinch of cheese, broccolie and corn
blueberries and grapes

I'm praying Dave will get hickory smoked salmon from gooseberries for dinner!