Friday, September 23, 2011

Any Tri athletes?

Emily and I are running our first Triathlon on November 20th.  Here is how it works:

10 minutes in the pool-how far do you get?
10 minute break.
20 minute bike ride-how far do you get?
10 minute break.
15 minute treadmill run-how far do you get?

It's all about distance.  Now, I know I can kick butt in swimming after taking my swim class.  My goal (after comparing to other peoples scores from last year) is to get ATLEAST a 500.  I hope to do better.  I know I can swim a 200 in 4 minutes, so I should be able to get that.

Biking, I am fairly new to.  I hope to get 10 miles in on the bike.  But, if I am doing a "flat road" (tension at 12) then I think I can push to get 10 or more.

Running only 15 minutes will be challenging.  I am a slow runner, so I will have to do lots of sprints.  If I can run 8 minute miles, I'll be damn close to 2 miles on the tread mill.

Each section, I have to tell myself that it is only for a short time.  That is only 45 minutes total or working out, with breaks inbetween.  I'll need to figure out how to refuel properly.

Have you ever done an indoor tri?  What is your favorite refueling food/drink?

Monday, September 19, 2011

Everyone's favorite: food!

Tell me...what do you eat to fuel up for running?

Typically, I eat these things every day:

Breakfast 7:15: a bowl of frosted mini wheats mini bites in chocolate OR honey bunches of oats
Snack 10:30: vanilla yogurt and organic flax with granola
Lunch 12:30-2:30 (don't ask...every day it changes.): whole grain wrap with two slices of turkey breast, 4 cucumbers, baby spinach and shredded cheese + mustard (when i remember), fruit (usually purple grapes or melon balls-yes, i own a melon baller, berries, apples, peaches....something!), then these amazing pepperidge farm baked cheese crackers or 5 pretzel rods (thats just 2 broken in half and a half of another) with nutella.
Snack-spoonful of peanut butter or the rest of pretzels/crackers from lunch.
Dinner-usually chicken and veggies (baked or grilled), pasta and meat sauce, grilled cheese and soup, soup with some sort of meat, a frozen dinner (like bird's eye or bertolli), pizza (always with veggies!), pork chops (seasoned and with veggies), steaks (grilled), hot dogs!!!-my favorite summertime treat!, chili (wintertime)

I need some new dinner suggestions.  On nights when I'm crazy busy, like with symphony rehearsal, I will just do a frozen dinner.  They aren't too too bad for you because I always add extra veggies.  I love chicken and veggies, and suprisingly, my boyfriend does, too.  He is quite the carnivore, though, so meat is usually on tap for dinner when we are together.  We usually eat out once a week, too.  We NEVER get Chinese because there are no Chinese places here.  And Chipotle continues to be our favorite.

So, I say we eat pretty healthy.  Sometimes, we even do grilled chicken salad.  That's when we get REALLY fancy.

Any suggestions on how to eat healthy?  We are on a budget! Teacher's don't make million, ya know! :)

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Injuries when running?

Today, I almost FACEPLANTED during my 12 miler.  It was very painful but I didn't actually fall.  I'm not sure how my legs caught me, but I was a mile away from ending, so I was pretty tired.  My toe caught on a sidewalk that was uneven and I felt myself fall forward. My left leg somehow saved me but the focred from fall/catching myself really stressed out my legs.  Of course, I had a steep hill to run up right after, so I was DYING to get home.

Don't worry, I am fine, I watched Netflix all day then went to Target to buy some Missoni stuff only to find it was all gone.  It better come back in stock.

Have you ever fallen during running?  What was your worst running injury?

I had weak ankles during track in high school and I hurt my ITB last spring.


So I am struggling with balance.  Help me out, guys!

While running 12miles this morning, I thought about how running affects my life.  But not just my life, but everyone who is involved with me.  Example 1: my boyfriend and I were chilling on Friday night when he hands me a beer.  I tell him about my run in the morning, which means I go to bed super early so we don't get to hang out and watch the movie he wants me to watch.  (If you know me, I have terrible taste in movies.  I can quote Mean Girls and I love Legally Blond.  Date someone who has a taste for well made movies and you'll see how easy it is to chose a movie on Friday nights.)  I was thinking about how my run interupts my dating life.  I run on SATURDAYS so Saturday we can hang out, stay up late and eat whatever.  I think about how we eat dinner together and how he has to wait for ME to get home from the gym.

Then, I think about my friends.  How I can't go out for happy hour or dinner during training.  Or my poor friends who actually work out with me.  They go along with my long workouts.

I think about my job and my schedule with that.  I come in early so I can leave right away to go work out.  I say "No" to people/meetings when I have a run.  I mean, obviously if it is important, my run can wait.

Then, I think about myself and how if I have a TERRIBLE day, I skip my run and go home and drink wine while lamenting to my boyfriend.  Then, I feel guilty about skipping my work out.

Now, training now is INTENSE.  My 1/2 marathon is in less than 4 weeks.  Only two more long runs to go (one 8 and one 12 before taper!)  Then, I won't focus on RUNNING as much,  See, drinking/staying up late affects me way worse with running than say spin or swim.  I sound like a lush, but I am in my 20's, so I like to have a good time.  And I live in Wisconsin, for crying out loud, which Milwaukee is the #1 drunkest city in the US.  The only thing to do here is meet people for drinks.  And I went to a dry college. Enough said.

Alright question is: how to balance?  How to balance work, play and sweat. Work is obviously set 8-4, but teachers know we dont work 8-4. We take work home.  We come in early. We stay late. I sleep until 6:15.  I do not do mornings well.  I LOVE working out in the afternoons.  I feel so much better running off the stress of the day.

Anyways, I am not actually cheating on my boyfriend.  I feel I am cheating him out of quality time with me.  I know he doesn't mind it all the time, but I'm sure he does sometimes.  By the way, he bought me this super cute giraffe necklace the other day. :)

Oh, and sometimes I cheat on my runs.  Meaning I stop early or don't go quite as far.  It's all about listening to your body and doing what feels right...right?!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Tuesday Ten

10 things I have learned about running in Wisconsin:

1. There are no really good routes in my town.  You are either running on a trail where someone was attacked or you are running on a road where cars can drive 45-65 miles an hour.  Really, no inbetweens.

2. Training in the fall is much, much easier than the spring.  Snow in May?  Yes, it happened. 50 degrees in June? Try week 3 of June.

3. My gym is AMAZING. Indoor track-check. Treadmills-check. Wonderful trainers-check.  Massages-YES. CLASSES THAT KICK YOUR BONBON (yes, I did just reference Ricky Martin). Yes.

4. I LOVE my running buddy.  You should get one as wonderful as mine.  We have lots of fun!

5. There are no good races. Ok, there are, but they happen about twice a year or there are 100 miles away.

6. No one here knows the true distance of a marathon.  Yes, I did get asked how my "Marathon" was for my school.  It was a 5K.

7. People don't run as much here as they do in Columbus or Pittsburgh.

8. Running stores are few and far between.

9. Chocolate milk-the ultimate recovery drink-it delicious here.  Yeah for dairy!

10. I will never, EVER get used to the smell of farms.  And I will continue to gag when I run by them.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Beach time!

I went to the Outer Banks in July.  It was beautiful and by far my favorite place to be.  Running at the beach is challenging because it is vacation so I only want to sit on my butt, drink a beer and read a book.  You have to wake up early (6AM) to run because it is so hot.  I ran 3 times.  one 4 mile run on the road and 2 30 minute runs on the beach.

Have you ever run on the beach?  It is a BUN KILLER.  My thighs and butt were so sore, but it was awesome. Trying to stay stable, breathing in the salty air, hearing the waves crash and running with my sister was great.  I never see her because I live so far away.  She is an amazing runner and the reason that I run today.  She runs super fast, like sub 1:45 1/2 marathons but she slowed it down so we could run together.

I miss those runs and can't wait for next year.  What is the most challenging terrain you have run on?

Also, I got sweat in my eye balls, which is the greatest thing EVER.  I love it because it means I worked out really hard.  It happened every day at the beach and at Williamsburg.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

The struggle

I'm a second year teacher, in case you didn't know.  School just recently started here in Wisconsin.  I have been going CRAZY getting things ready for school.  I have been running, but have been on the run to other things as well.  Let us recap:

August 31st-early morning run.
September 1st-no run. Hair appointment after the 1st day of school. 1st day of symphony rehearsal at night.
September 2nd-fly home to PGH for Grace's first birthday.
September 3rd-tried to wake up to run but slept in too late. Plus it was 94 degrees.
September 4th-3 mile hill run at parents house.
September 5th-day off! Relaxing
September 6th-3 mile run and 1 hour spin plus 15 minute abs.
Septemeber 7th-band directors meeting. 5 mile run-AMAZING. Did upper body work after.
September 8th-elliptical for 20. 20 minutes of abs/core. Symphony rehearsal.
September 9th-3 mile run. 1 mile walk. 1.5 hour of spin/core/weights
September 10th-10 mile run
September 11th-Never forget.

Sundays are my shopping days.  I went to the mall with D today.  I had to return an impulse buy. We got CHIPOTLE and STARBUCKS. AWESOME! Now, I am watching 9/11 shows and crying.  Remember where you were?  I was in Spanish class. Never forget.

So, what is my struggle?  Blogging after a long day of teaching kiddos then running/workout.  I am sorry but I am doing my best.

Saturday is my favorite day of the week now.  It means NO WORK (well, most days. You know band directors, we have concerts and stuff).  and it means a long run and PENN STATE FOOTBALL!