Sunday, September 11, 2011

The struggle

I'm a second year teacher, in case you didn't know.  School just recently started here in Wisconsin.  I have been going CRAZY getting things ready for school.  I have been running, but have been on the run to other things as well.  Let us recap:

August 31st-early morning run.
September 1st-no run. Hair appointment after the 1st day of school. 1st day of symphony rehearsal at night.
September 2nd-fly home to PGH for Grace's first birthday.
September 3rd-tried to wake up to run but slept in too late. Plus it was 94 degrees.
September 4th-3 mile hill run at parents house.
September 5th-day off! Relaxing
September 6th-3 mile run and 1 hour spin plus 15 minute abs.
Septemeber 7th-band directors meeting. 5 mile run-AMAZING. Did upper body work after.
September 8th-elliptical for 20. 20 minutes of abs/core. Symphony rehearsal.
September 9th-3 mile run. 1 mile walk. 1.5 hour of spin/core/weights
September 10th-10 mile run
September 11th-Never forget.

Sundays are my shopping days.  I went to the mall with D today.  I had to return an impulse buy. We got CHIPOTLE and STARBUCKS. AWESOME! Now, I am watching 9/11 shows and crying.  Remember where you were?  I was in Spanish class. Never forget.

So, what is my struggle?  Blogging after a long day of teaching kiddos then running/workout.  I am sorry but I am doing my best.

Saturday is my favorite day of the week now.  It means NO WORK (well, most days. You know band directors, we have concerts and stuff).  and it means a long run and PENN STATE FOOTBALL!


  1. Mol- stock up on posts over the weekend to pop up during the week. :)

  2. Great job on all of the quality workouts. Mine are starting to slip but that is ok. Yeah for PSU football. Hopefully the rest of the season will be a bit better then Saturday's performance.

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