Monday, September 19, 2011

Everyone's favorite: food!

Tell me...what do you eat to fuel up for running?

Typically, I eat these things every day:

Breakfast 7:15: a bowl of frosted mini wheats mini bites in chocolate OR honey bunches of oats
Snack 10:30: vanilla yogurt and organic flax with granola
Lunch 12:30-2:30 (don't ask...every day it changes.): whole grain wrap with two slices of turkey breast, 4 cucumbers, baby spinach and shredded cheese + mustard (when i remember), fruit (usually purple grapes or melon balls-yes, i own a melon baller, berries, apples, peaches....something!), then these amazing pepperidge farm baked cheese crackers or 5 pretzel rods (thats just 2 broken in half and a half of another) with nutella.
Snack-spoonful of peanut butter or the rest of pretzels/crackers from lunch.
Dinner-usually chicken and veggies (baked or grilled), pasta and meat sauce, grilled cheese and soup, soup with some sort of meat, a frozen dinner (like bird's eye or bertolli), pizza (always with veggies!), pork chops (seasoned and with veggies), steaks (grilled), hot dogs!!!-my favorite summertime treat!, chili (wintertime)

I need some new dinner suggestions.  On nights when I'm crazy busy, like with symphony rehearsal, I will just do a frozen dinner.  They aren't too too bad for you because I always add extra veggies.  I love chicken and veggies, and suprisingly, my boyfriend does, too.  He is quite the carnivore, though, so meat is usually on tap for dinner when we are together.  We usually eat out once a week, too.  We NEVER get Chinese because there are no Chinese places here.  And Chipotle continues to be our favorite.

So, I say we eat pretty healthy.  Sometimes, we even do grilled chicken salad.  That's when we get REALLY fancy.

Any suggestions on how to eat healthy?  We are on a budget! Teacher's don't make million, ya know! :)

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