Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Tuesday Ten

10 things I have learned about running in Wisconsin:

1. There are no really good routes in my town.  You are either running on a trail where someone was attacked or you are running on a road where cars can drive 45-65 miles an hour.  Really, no inbetweens.

2. Training in the fall is much, much easier than the spring.  Snow in May?  Yes, it happened. 50 degrees in June? Try week 3 of June.

3. My gym is AMAZING. Indoor track-check. Treadmills-check. Wonderful trainers-check.  Massages-YES. CLASSES THAT KICK YOUR BONBON (yes, I did just reference Ricky Martin). Yes.

4. I LOVE my running buddy.  You should get one as wonderful as mine.  We have lots of fun!

5. There are no good races. Ok, there are, but they happen about twice a year or there are 100 miles away.

6. No one here knows the true distance of a marathon.  Yes, I did get asked how my "Marathon" was for my school.  It was a 5K.

7. People don't run as much here as they do in Columbus or Pittsburgh.

8. Running stores are few and far between.

9. Chocolate milk-the ultimate recovery drink-it delicious here.  Yeah for dairy!

10. I will never, EVER get used to the smell of farms.  And I will continue to gag when I run by them.

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  1. Is that picture from Cecil, PA? :)
    Also, it is 50 degrees here, so it may as well be spring! SO cold for mid-September!