Tuesday, July 23, 2013


So, I don't live in Wisconsin anymore.

I don't teach orchestra anymore. (Wahoo!)

I'm getting married in 11 months.

I have a new blog: ohioisforrunners.blogspot.com if you really miss me :)

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Ash Wenesday and where I've been

I cannot even begin to describe what I have been doing lately.  It definitely does not include working out.  I was the cheer coach for my school and it totally dominated my life! We practiced everyday until 5PM.  By the time I left school it would be close to 6 and I was exhausted!  I barely made it for any workouts.  Plus, it is dark and cold. Wisconsin sucks for running.

Then, game nights would set me back until 7:30. So, I definitely wasn't working out.  And when I did, I couldn't sleep because I was so wired from working out.

I also was the co-founder of the Wilmot Band Festival so that happened two weeks ago and now my life is slightly less stressful.

Now, I am the volleyball coach BUT we practice from 5-6:30 so I CAN RUN AFTER SCHOOL! WOOOO!!!

Today, I am conquering 4 miles, but I am also fasting today so I have to be careful.  I also have to go to church after volleyball, so I won't get home until 8:30. That is a long long time to fast.

Anyways, I am giving up chocolate, dessert, ANYTIME that I have become addicted to with all my stress.  I took some measurements this morning and am hoping to lose an inch or so in certain areas (ahem-abs, hips, wasit). 

So, I'm back to blogging because I want to track what I ate for the day.  Today includes:

 a handful of almonds (plain)
an apple
baked potato with a pinch of cheese, broccolie and corn
blueberries and grapes

I'm praying Dave will get hickory smoked salmon from gooseberries for dinner!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Running in Warm Weather-soon!

January is almost over and I have not been so great at working out.  Between cheerleading (practice or a game or a tournament EVERY DAY) and band directing, I am exhausted.  My workouts have definitely slipped.  Yesterday, I was able to get a good 5 miler in.  I miss long run Saturdays.

The constant cold/snow here is killing me.  But, after a torturous dental appointment THIS Thursday, I'm hoping on a plane at night to fly to Phoenix to meet D's brother, sister in law and niece.  We will be there until Sunday. You better believe I am running outside Fri-Sat-and Sun before we board the plane!

Any advice on what to bring to Phoenix?  I've never been out West!

Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011 in review

Like every other blogger out there, it is time for my year in review.

I know I am terrible about posting, and I'm not going to make any silly promises to be better at it.  I am currently coaching cheerleading, then I'll go right into coaching volleyball then coaching track!  I barely have time to work out!

I do enjoy posting about training and what I've read.  But I also don't want to sound conceited, selfish and cocky.  I don't even know if people like reading this!  Hopefully, you do. It is more of place for me to just spill my thoughts about running and maybe some current events.

Anyways, 2011 is the year that I was definitely the most fit.  I joined a gym for the first time in my life.  In college, I'd work out, but that was free.  Now, I'm using my hard earned cash to make myself healthy!

I ran 2 half marathons and 3 5Ks.  I was also the race director for the 5K fundraiser at my school.  Definitely a busy year for me!

My goals for 2012 are as follows:
1. Run 2 half marathons in the same month (3 or 4 total for the year!)
2. Run/Bike/Swim an indoor triathlon (or 2)
3. Do a race/tri every month.
4. Eat more protein and up my weight lifting in PUMP

My first goal isn't too hard.  I plan on running the Lake Geneva Half Marathon on May 12 then the Madison Half Marathon on May 26.  I may also run the Chicago Half Marathon on June 9th.  I plan on running Columbus Half Marathon in late October.

My gym does an indoor try in March, but there is also one in February that I may do in Pleasant Prairie.  I would love to do an outdoor one, but I don't have a bike.  Maybe my running partner will team up with me and she can bike and I can swim and we can both run.  That would be a lot of fun!

There is a race in January (ack! next week!) that started with the Playboy Bunnies.  How fun is that?! We get a shot at the finish!  It is a 5 miler.

In February, there are two options: indoor try and a 5K race.  Running in Wisconsin outside in the winter is VERY tricky, so I'm sure I'll just aim for the indoor tri.

March brings the indoor March Madness try from my gym.

I would LOVE a 10K in April, I just can't find any!  I'll keep my eyes open!

May is marathon month.  I plan on running 2!

June will be easy to find a 5K.  Maybe I'll run that race in Gahanna, OH again.

July brings on the Whiskey Rebellion in Canonsburg, PA.

August will be another 5K.

September may be another half marathon or a 10K.

October will definitely be a marathon month.

November will be a turkey trot of some sort.

December will be a jingle bell run...hopefully!

Another goal of mine is increase my speed.  I'm in contact with a person who trains people for halves.  I'm hoping he can help me be faster.  I am really bad about pushing myself.  I tried HIIT training yesterday and am definitely feeling it.  It was really hard, but I know I'll see results from it.

It's going to be hard to balance my teaching life, my personal life, my coaching life and my workout life.  This year, I plan on being more selfish and doing what is right for ME.  I will go to the gym when I want, even if that means 5AM wake up calls every day.  I'll do my lesson plans on a weekend just to get to the class I want to take.  I'll turn down a class to go out for a drink with a friend and just do more work the next day at the gym.  I'll sleep in if I want, I'll drive to Ohio to race with a friend.  Whatever makes me happy, because I am always doing that for others.  It's my turn. :)

Happy New Year!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

WE are Penn State

Here is my opinion on the matter:

WE are Penn State.  WE-the students, the alumni, the fans.  WE make up what Penn State is, what it will be and  what it has been.  WE do not support or represent what has happened in this scandal.

Ever since I was born, I was raised blue and white.  What was I going to be when I was grown up? people would ask me.  My answer: a penn state cheer leader.  A friend of my sisters said "If you ever cut a Morton, he'll bleed Nittany blue."  Yes, I am the only family member to have not attended, but you never found a bigger Penn State fan in Ohio.

Tradition: a word that comes to mind.  Tailgating traditions, Blue Band traditions, family traditions, graduation traditions, pictures with the nittany lion statue, bar crawls, parties, 4-peat volleyball champions, family weekends at Berhend (and other branches)and yes-football traditions.  But those traditions come from family and friends.  Not from coaches.  Not from the president of the college.  Not from high ranking college officials.  My Penn State traditions? Watching football games with my family.  Buying everything and ANYTHING blue and white.  Wearing Penn State nike shirts in the Columbus marathon.  Listening to the Blue Band CDs.  Wearing my blue and white to school on Friday.  Will I hide my clothes?  Will I stop wearing them?  No.  I have many friends who go there/went there.  One of the greatest teachers i have ever known teaches there.

So, who is Penn State?  Look at the thousands of alumni, the thousands of current students and the thousands of Penn State families.  THEY are Penn State. WE are Penn State.

So, you have your opinion.  I have mine.  I do not support what happened and I am just as shocked as any one from the Penn State community.  But I will ALWAYS love Penn State.  It is my way of life.

Oh, by the way: I took a spin class today.  It was beyond easy...but I have double rehearsal this week so I couldn't make it to my weekly sesh with Wendy.  :(

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Triple Tangent Tuesday

I'm jumping on the band wagon here:  3 tangents about Tuesday.

1. My students didn't bring me any candy! :( Maybe they are just saving up for my birthday on Thursday!  I had more than enough candy to give them, though!

2. I am addicted to Pinterest!  I spent hours looking up new recipes and decorating tips this past weekend.  I know ,that makes me a loser, since it was Halloween weekend and I was on the internet.  No fear, though, D and I had guests over to watch scary movies on Saturday and they ate my new buffalo chicken dip.

3. Ok, I'm cheating, but this is from yesterday.  A SALAMADER crawled across the floor of Body Pump at 5:15AM.  So gross!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011


I know it is hard to believe someone who works out as much as I do has image problems.  But, I do.  Ask my boyfriend.  How many times have I stood in front of a mirror sucking in my stomach and trying to make myself beleive him when he says "you are not fat, Molly" for the 1043698590457 time.

See, being 5'1", I have no torso.  Well, I have a torso, but I can't wear shirts tucked into skirts because I feel like I have 0 shape, thus causing the skirt to make me look wider than a Mac truck. (Total music reference...anyone else remember a certain conductor demanding silence so big, a Mac truck could be driven through it?)

Today, I took a new class with Emily called Sport Conditioning.  It was a lot of fun and really different from other cardio classes.  It was a mix of Zumba moves, drills, running, push ups, crunches, you name it, we did it! We were in the large group studio, so I was positioned in front of a mirror.  Maybe it was my all black ensemble, but for the first time, probably EVER, I looked in the mirror and saw a strong but still short girl.  I was really happy with how I looked and I noticed my arms FINALLY getting toned.

I know some of you out there are rolling your eyes at this, thinking I am crazy.  But, think about it, pressures to be skinny are EVERY where, and even though I work out ALL THE TIME, I still don't look like a Victorias Secret model!

I started a new "diet".  It includes drinking 6 oz or chocolate milk after every workout over 1 hour long.  Chocolate milk helps you lose weight.  Shocking, right?  I read about it in Runners World.