Friday, September 23, 2011

Any Tri athletes?

Emily and I are running our first Triathlon on November 20th.  Here is how it works:

10 minutes in the pool-how far do you get?
10 minute break.
20 minute bike ride-how far do you get?
10 minute break.
15 minute treadmill run-how far do you get?

It's all about distance.  Now, I know I can kick butt in swimming after taking my swim class.  My goal (after comparing to other peoples scores from last year) is to get ATLEAST a 500.  I hope to do better.  I know I can swim a 200 in 4 minutes, so I should be able to get that.

Biking, I am fairly new to.  I hope to get 10 miles in on the bike.  But, if I am doing a "flat road" (tension at 12) then I think I can push to get 10 or more.

Running only 15 minutes will be challenging.  I am a slow runner, so I will have to do lots of sprints.  If I can run 8 minute miles, I'll be damn close to 2 miles on the tread mill.

Each section, I have to tell myself that it is only for a short time.  That is only 45 minutes total or working out, with breaks inbetween.  I'll need to figure out how to refuel properly.

Have you ever done an indoor tri?  What is your favorite refueling food/drink?

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  1. They have these all the time at Cameron. They are always on week days though. What the heck?

    My favorite refueling drink is a latte. Lots of milk, sugar and coffee, which is not the best but hey, I am far from perfect!