Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Tuesday Ten

Well, tonight is 6pack spin and I won't bore you with the details of it later tonight.  I probably wont have time to blog tonight because it is also the night of Tosh.o, which means D will be over here, hogging my cable. The things girls go through...

I decided it was time for another Tuesday 10.  Here are 10 things I am craving (hint hint! My birthday is 2.5 months away!)

1. The Essential Run Jacket
I need this.  This is my NUMBER ONE item for my birthday or Christmas.  This will be GREAT for running, biking, and just hanging out on a Saturday.

2.  The Utopia Soft Shell

This shell is super expensive but living in Wisconsin, I think this would be a great addition to my wardrobe.

3.Sleeveless Print Ruffle Front Dress
I love Loft.  Their clothes are so appropriate for teaching.  I love this dress.  It would be great for conducting a Fall concert, with a cardigan thrown into the mix.  It would also be good for the first day of school...hmm...

4. Perfect Pocket Tote in Lemon Parfait
I LOVE the Lemon Parfait pattern.  I also love Baroque (I have a few items in that pattern) and Very Berry Paisley.  This tote will be awesome for my lap top and my water bottles (one for teaching and one for the gym).

5. Epiphany Stretch Shorts

I have these shorts in gray and orange.  I LOVE THEM.  My first piece of Brooks apparel.  Thanks to FleetFeet, I got them at a discounted rate.  I LOVE the gray and blue combo.  Can you tell I love blue?  I think the blue shell (above) would look lovely with these on a cool fall day.

6. Too Much Fun Dress in Ocean
I recently discovered ModCloth, thanks to my friend Sherri.  I bought a shirt I LOVE and I love so many of their dresses and tops.  This one takes the cake, but it is just slightly out of my price range.  I hope that I can buy it for my little sisters graduation from Penn State.

7.  Coach Conney Flats

Coach will not let me get a picture of these flats, but I LOVE them.  Here is the link:  http://www.coach.com/online/handbags/clic
O0006&partNumber=Q1280_pup&t=PURPLE MULT

8. Penn State Tee

Ok, ok.  I don't want THIS tee.  I just wanted to rub it in to my Ohio friends.  I love any new Penn State clothing.  I really love the Nike track jacket, Tempo shorts, dri-fit tee's.  But, if I included all of those, I will be over my 10.

9. Daylight Hours Applique Dress

Another site shown to me by Sherri.  I love the model's sweater and dress combo.  Yellow and gray are quickly becoming my favorite combination.

10. Giraffe Necklace

Giraffes are my favorite animal and this necklace is adorable.  And cheap!

What are you craving?

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  1. I adore that polka dot dress! I might need to get it. We live far enough from each other.

    Yes a great running jacket is a must! Mine is still my best Christmas present and I have had it for 6 or 7 years. Love it!