Monday, August 8, 2011

Thinking like a dog

It's been awhile since I have ventured down the sidewalks with just my thoughts.  I am unsure if I will have a running partner for the Columbus marathon, so I need to get used to training alone.  However, I HATE training alone because there are creeps EVERYWHERE.

Anyways, when I run, I run naked.  That is, without music. I run only with my thoughts.  I try, try, TRY to think about one particular thing, like planning a lesson or setting up my classroom or picking out music for my kids.  But, I am like a dog.  Everything I pass, I think about.  I always am grateful I did not trip over an uneven sidewalk.  I think about flipping off the guy in the truck who just honked and yelled out the window.  I think about the bee that JUST missed my shin.  I think about the houses I pass and the shady street I accidentally turned down.  Today, I thought about buying a fish.  I tried to think of a name for this fish, but couldn't.

I only ran for 35 minutes and later today, I will be doing HardCORE with Emily to get in my strength training. I may even stay after to lift some weights.  We will see how many times the instructor makes us do push ups, planks and the dreaded rope.

Do you think of random thoughts as you run?  Or do you just focus on breathing/technique/form?


  1. You need a running buddy!!! Maybe you should get a dog to run with :)

  2. I think random thoughts, mostly about food. But today I almost had an encounter with a dog. ACK!