Sunday, August 21, 2011

Weekend Fun

School starts in a week...inservice then the kiddos arrive on Sept. 1st.  I have some super fun weekends coming up, but this weekend was really fun.  I went to Elkhart Lake with my boyfriend.  Now, I know this sounds Nascar...but it is really not.  It is all Porsche, BMW, Audi, Mazda...nice cars.  We saw a super sweet Ferrari for $350,000, which, clearly my teaching salary can afford, so be looking for me in one here soon!

Elkhart Lake is really big and there is no way to get around except to walk.  I walked FOREVER.  My 6 mile run went well on Friday, besides the sweat in the eyeballs, but I didn't really get a rest day.  So, I'm taking my rest day TODAY and am doing nothing.  I probably walked over 6 miles yesterday and at least 3 on Friday.

Tomorrow start week 3 of training, my last week of working out in the morning for this race.   Crazy how time flies! Do you like working out in the morning or night?

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  1. I prefer the morning but this morning it was sooooo dark. I heard something in the woods but could not see so I picked up the pace. UGH! I need a running buddy!