Sunday, July 31, 2011

Back in Wisky

I am back in Wisconsin, which means I am back to my gym! The front desk workers were concerned for me because I was gone for a whole month.  I reassured them I still worked out, but not nearly as hard as I do there!

Let's is a run down of Wednesday-Saturday:

Wednesday: went to the pool and flew home after being delayed forever! Thanks to the stormy weather in Milwaukee.

Thursday: Woke up EARLY and went to school to sign some papers then headed to 6 Flags Great America with D.  We only rode roller coasters-which I am kind of scared of-and had a really good time.  The only ride I didn't go on was the Raging Bull...that first drop was way too much for me!

Friday: I was supposed to run with my partner but I have been having trouble sleeping (due to my lack of working out).  So, I slept in and went to Total Body Spin at 5:15.  The class lasted until 6:40! It was INTENSE!  I use spin shoes, so I was a little irritated I had to keep clipping in, but we would spin hard for 6-9 minutes, then jump off the bike and do upper body work with the bands.  Then back on the bike, then we did core work with the medicine ball.  We used the big body balls (what are they called?!) and a tiny bit of ab work.  We ended up doing 30 minutes of spin, 30 minutes of upper body/core and then finished with 15 minutes of abs.  I was TIRED but t was good.

Saturday: Swam half a mile then went to Andy's wedding!  My calves are KILLING me so I may swim again today.

This week, I hope to run Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and do spin Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday.  I have a race next is a NIGHT run! Woo!

Is it hard for you to get back into your workout routine or are you pretty consistent during vacation?

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