Wednesday, July 13, 2011

5K Fundraiser for My School!

I never told you about my race, the one I planned!  I can't take all the credit, my partner in crime, Mrs. 4K teacher (she teaches 4 year olds kindergarten! Too cute!) helped A LOT.  She and I trained for the half marathon together while planning a fundraiser for our school.  It was called "Striding Into Summer".

You think running a race requires a lot of time?  Try PLANNING one.  It was fun, but a lot of work! Shout out to my fellow co-worker/new teacher/across the hall partner, Mr. Art Teacher for designing the logo.

We had 5 prizes that people could enter to win.  We had about 100 people participate, which is AWESOME for the tiny town we teach in and for a first race!  To read about/view it, click here!

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