Saturday, July 9, 2011

Portrait of a Winner! errr...Runner!

The closest I EVER have come to winning a race was in 8th grade.  I was at a Cross Country Invitational at Sliperry Rock University.  I came in 22nd out of 400 runners.  I consistantly was a point winner for my team (if you place top 7, you get a certain amount of points...the smallest number wins, like golf).  I usually finished between 4th-7th.  Then, I became a band nerd and didn't run until college.  Here are some pictures from the Whiskey Rebellion 2011.  I placed 9th in my age division-embarrassing!  But, I PRed

This is my game face.

Action shot!

My oldest sister (who placed 3rd in her age division!), my niece AKA her baby and me after the race.

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