Friday, July 15, 2011

Music is life

You know I'm a band director, right?  So, I know music.  Yeah, I may know more about Schoenberg and Berlioz than you may ever WANT to know, but I know music.  I usually run naked from music (just without music...believe me, fully clothed!) but occasionally I run with music, such as when I have to run indoors on the track.  (10 laps for a mile gets VERY tedious...)  Here are my top picks RIGHT now when running (AKA what is on my playlist):

PLEASE NOTE: I did not listen to these versions when linking because I own them all through iTunes or from CDs, back in the day.  They may be EXPLICIT, because I do love rap or they may be POOR quality.  But, you can always run on over to iTunes and purchase them yourself. :)

Imma Be Black Eyed Peas
Animal Neon Trees
Sometime Around Midnight Airborne Toxic Event
Foxy Jane Tony Lucca
Empire State of Mind Jay-Z, Alicia Keys
Gonna Get Over You Sara Bareilles
Tonight Tonight Hot Chelle Rae (Guilty Pleasure...I teach middle school!)
Love Like Woe The Ready Set
Carolina in my Mind James Taylor
Who Says John Mayer (I am a John Mayer FREAK. I love him; he is a musical genious...and I know music!)
It's Gonna Be Me NSYNC (Gotta revert back to my middle school days!)
Good Life One Republic
Pretty Girl Rock Keri Hilson
Never Gonna Leave This Bed Maroon 5
Road Outside Columbus OAR (Reminds me of my college days...going to school in Columbus)
Black and Yellow Wiz Khalifa

I'd like to thank YouTube for supplying my links. 

This isn't the order I listen to them, because some songs are very slow, so I would use those in the middle of my run, when I was comfortable and in my groove.  If I never get into my groove (it's all happened to you, hasn't it?!), then I keep my "bumpin" tunes on.  I own a 4th generation iPod shuffle in bright blue.  I am not advocating running with music, in fact, I am very against it. It is beyond dangerous.  I love to just run with my thoughts.  I have planned my best lessons while running!

Tell me, what tunes are you currently running with?  Who is your LOVE when it comes to music?

Tony Lucca, John Mayer, Maroon 5, The Script are all my favs, but I am a huge popular music fan.

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