Monday, July 11, 2011

New clothes would end wars

I believe if every person had new clothes to wear every day then there would be no more anger/hatred/war.  Think about it.  How HAPPY do you feel when you put on new clothes?  I love it.  It is an amazing feeling!  Something fresh and new from the closet.  If you ask my boyfriend, he would tell you I have too many clothes in my cloest, but hey, I'm not making HIM pay.

So a few days ago I was getting my eyebrows done...yes, I'll admit it to you guys.  On my way out of the salon, I walked into the main area of the store.  I passed a display of workout clothes.  I LOVE Nike stuff, but it IS pricey. So, I thought I'd take a look.  I found shorts that look EXACTLY like tempo shorts, but there weren't.  I used C9 from Target a lot, so I thought I'd try these out.  I know they won't be AS comfortable as the tempo short but they were only $9.60. That's right.  $9.60!!! I am tempted to go back and buy 100 more pairs! Did I mention PA doesn't have sales tax?! AMAZING.  I'm going to run in them when I'm at the beach, so I'll have a full report when I come home!

Do you ever wear anything that is not "brand name" when you run?  I am a clothes horse and shop at LOFT, Banana Republic, J. Crew, Gap, Express, The Limited, American Eagle...I could go on for days.  I love Target, too.  I am a clothes snob.  I am a brand snob, even when running, but these new shorts are AMAZING.  What brands do you run in?  What brands do you play in?

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