Sunday, October 16, 2011

Columbus Recap

It was finally here! The race I have been training forever for.  Here is a recap:

Friday night-leave Wisky and drive to Dayton, Oh for a quick stay.
Saturday morning-leave Dayton, pick up LINDSEY for the Expo
Saturday afternoon-meet up with D's parents, then go see Dr. Underwood, but end up seeing Sherri instead.
Saturday evening-pasta dinner at Giammarcos-delish. with some old college pals. :)
Sunday morning-wake up at 5:40 and load the car.  Leave Hilliard, Oh at 6:10. Anticipated arrive at start line: 6:30.

Here's what REALLY happened. We get on 270 and drive and see a crazy long line of cars waiting to get off an Neil Ave.  We join the queue at 6:25.  6:45, we have moved 4 car lengths.  7:00, runner start abandoning cars on the high way and running on the high way to get to downtown Cbus. 7:10-I jump out and join them on a quick 2 mile run to the start.

7:25-arrive at start only to JUMP A FENCE, thank you to the random man who helped me over, and join the wrong corral. Oh well.

7:30-we are off! woooo!  My first half mile is 5.5 minutes because there are literally 1000's of people blocking me.

Somwhere around mile 4 in Bexley, I almost step on a freshly killed squirrel.  What Kenyan ran that over?! JK, but really?

Mile 6 I takem y first drink and continue that for every 2 miles.

Mile 8 I see D! Yay!!

Mile 11 A woman starts having a breakdown next to me, like literally freaking out.  It was weird.

Mile 12-I SEE THE END, I pick up my pace.

Crossing the finish, I missed my name on the big board.  Oh well.

Aside from the wind and the crazy start, it was awesome.  I went to Thurman's for lunch but wasn't feeling hungry but got a deliciious rueben. Then, we hoped in the car and drove back to Wisky.  I haven ever run more than 13 miles in my life and today, I ran 15.  And now I feel TERRIBLE because I sat in a car all day. Oh well.

I LOVE Columbus Marathon and can't WAIT for next year!

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