Friday, June 24, 2011

Don't Wear the Event Shirt Until You Earn It

I was reading a running blog: Running...Because I Can.  It is his 33rd birthday today so he shared 33 thoughts of running.  I was shocked to read that this runner came in last in high school track events.  He is a serious runner; a marathoner, and he wasn't good at track.  I WAS THE SAME WAY. I was a part of the "slow distance" team. I often got lapped in the 2-mile.  Now, when I run a race in my hometown, my old track coach sees me and is shocked. I not only run well, but I don't come in last.

I am one of those runners who hates people who wear the race shirt to the race.  Rookie #1 mistake.  Always wear something you are comfortable in.  Everyone knows the name of the race; they are running it, too!

He also always runs races in VA, which made me think about where all I have run.  Wisconsin (2), Ohio (2), Pennsylvania (3).  I will be running in the Whiskey Rebellion in a week, so PA will have 4, and Ohio will have 3 after I run the Cbus 1/2 in October.  Now, time to find a race in Illinois!

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